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A weekend in Lisbon

A weekend in Lisbon

“I had no idea.” That’s what Eleanor Arroway in the film Contact says when she finally sees the glowing, swirling universe expanding before her eyes.That breathless sentence echos in my mind every time I have the privilege of visiting yet another country from our home base in Holland. As an American, educated to be ignorant of the world, I had no idea of the complex beauty and interlacing lives of Europe. And as the daughter of working class folks, I certainly had no idea that I would ever be living a life that affords me quick and close access to such rich, diverse (and ignorance-challenging) culture.

The weekend of March 24-25, while millions of folks were Marching for Our Lives (thank you!), we spent a long-planned, whirlwind weekend in Lisbon. We went to connect deeply with each other, spend time with one of our wedding officiants (and dear friend) plus a meet a couple of students from Ursinus College (Bets’ alma mater) who are studying abroad this summer.

We were blessed with so much in just a couple of days

Time to reflect on our first year of our marriage
Deep connections with old and new friends
The truly warm people of Portugal
Delicious food galore
Gorgeous grafiti
Love, love, love

Thank you, universe, for granting us this moment in time.

PS – The wedding officiant we spent the weekend with is the gentle and gracious founder and steward of Chenoa Manor, a sacred space and incredibly special animal sanctuary. The students who joined us this weekend have a deep connection to this farm. We hope you will check out what Chenoa is about.


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March 28, 2018

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